*4x4 Circus* (ARG)

SO. 27.05.18 - 17.00 Uhr

eine einMan Circusshow aus Lateinamerika mit Clownerie, Akrobatik, Tanz und Überraschungen/ (45Min)

von 0 bis 99 jahren und in allen Sprachen verständlich! ein Erlebniss für Alle!

"Little Testa's embarks you on a journey for his fantastic world,  where circus acts are mixed with physical theather, contemporary dance and clown improvisation. A world of mood, and physical skills in equal parts, where public involvement is essential and reflection disguised joke.
Litlle will  arrives with his trunk full of rare items: funny sunglasses, metal buckets, 3 diabolos and some wigs!, He dances with his diabolos fights with the buckets and makes very high handstands! There is a unique diabolo trick, a roars of laughter and even your spinster aunt got a kiss...!
¨4x4!¨ is an adaptable show small in size, full of surprises with great technique, featuring diabolos, acrobatics and clown improvisation. It is ready to appear anywhere and suitable for all ages!


4x4_little_tesla02.jpg 4x4_little_tesla02.png 4x4_little_testa.jpg