Muti MaGo - Magic comedy Show

22. Juli 15 Uhr

Muti’s philosophy is based on a great Mexican showman named Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” who said “the first obligation of human beings is to be happy… the second one is to make other people happy”. In every single show, this young magician seeks to create a laugh triangle that, in his own words where people can “laugh at me, at themselves and with me.”​

Magic was present in Felipe’s life since he was a little boy. When he was 8 years old, he began to practice magic tricks that came inside Nesquik chocolate powder, but he never thought to make a living out of this. He studied Theater and Performance for one year at AIEP. While there, he learned about the art of pantomime and clown, two disciplines that are undoubtedly a fundamental part of his training. Later, he took clown courses to specialize in the area with great masters of the discipline, among them: Eric de Bont, Victor Di Nasso, Rodolfo Meneses (Mimo Tuga), Claudia Hidalgo.

It was life itself which led him to find magic again a couple of years later. An old friend, after showing him a magic trick, gave Felipe a book that would change his life; “Cartomagia Fundamental” by Vicente Canuto. Since then, magic has become his partner and transformed Felipe A. Muti into a great comic magician that travels around the world amusing and enchanting the audience.