19h *R28*Schwarzlichttheater -Zwischen Meer und Himmel -

Welcome to the black light theater! Let you guide in a fantasy world where butterflies, fishes, life and death meet each other. An artistic handicap from Unionshilfswerk Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

23 & 24/08 at 19h


20h Charivari's Freakshow

curiosities & realities - "It's NORMAL - the Show"
Freaks from here and all over the world, with changing program, sensations & ususals.
a colourful and aslope varieté program

Job, family, career, life, dreams
- out there you people are sleeping.
We, la Famille Charivari,freakshowklein
freaks of today, monsters of every day - we will wake you up!

We will show you people EVERYTHING,
all the things that you don’t want to see in your life -
forbidden behaviours and hidden talents,
abnormalities and absurdities, decadence and opulence...
To show you, to remind you, to wake you up and shake you:This is REALITY!
This is NORMALITY! You cannot hide from it!

Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!
To our show, to our life, our family!
We show you our show, we show you our lives.
Our lives are our show, we ARE our show!
We are the freaks of today, the monsters of every day

entrance: 3-5 Euro