21h Drive-In Cinema - Drive in gelosia (driveinsquatting, firenze-ITA)

will pollute berlin FM frequencies with its kinder lovely sounds from 15watt pirate
transmitter, stay with us in the traffic everybody alone in your car, use radio on xx.xxFM, switch on-off the light scream with your personal horn, shy driver dont be so cruel just open the eyes and recognize the park area the bare asfalt dogs and symmetric trees, around you
everything means..
Bring your car, your bike, put the wheels to your couch!!
Follow the driveincarovana, listen to their rimes, and teste us , tender
rap doesnt fuck with gangsta!!


Movies: Mister Lonely + Party Monster.

- Mister Lonely - Lang: USA - USA, Francia, UK, Ireland, 2007, 112 min Color  by Harmony Korine
- Party Monster - USA, 2003, 114 min,col by Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato