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20:00  - FreeDomo Cabaret - 

unabhängiger, selbstorganisierte CIrcusgruppe aus Spanien
clownerie,, Jonglage, Acrobatik,LUftartistik, hand by hand, bodenakrobatik, Music, Theatre, Tanz

freedomoenglish description

THE FREEDOMO CABARET Domo Sapiens project brings a show based in the thematic cabaret method such as it is grasped in the self-managed circus sphere in Barcelona.

The thematic cabaret is made up of the unification of acts belonging to a wide range of circus disciplines, as rich and varied as the world of circus is: clown, juggling, acrobatics, aerial performing, hand by hand, acrobatics, music, theatre, dance, etc. And there is a theatrical guiding principle usually developed by comedians.

Domo Sapiens members have a wide experience creating acts, shows and circus cabarets, and doing so, the show that we offer gets to easily assimilate all the acts from our own group as well as those from guest artists, no matter what circus sphere they come from.

The guiding principle of FreeDomo´s Cabaret puts together the clown´s irrationality with the satyr criticism. It has a flexible structure which adapts to the new topics or curiosities of its members, who are occasionally influenced by the problems of people where the show takes place and their context. The link between the different acts leads the show from a first visible trouble to its absurd solution in the end, with an oneiric vision of reality along the storyline.



physical theatre, jana heilmann. (20min)kinderkroten

kriechen, schleichen, herumschleppen von angehäuftem müll,reste einer untergehenden welt, in hoffnung einmal anzukommen.
keine angst mehr vor was?
gleichzeitig die unerfüllte sehnsucht nach aufbruch im unendlichen kreislauf, unfähig sich von sich selbst zu lösen. animalisch,zwanghaft, naiv, den inneren käfig aufreissen, eine suche nach etwas dahinter.

english decription

physical theatre - jana heilmann
crawling, sneaking, lugging collected trash around, leftovers of a sinking world, in hope to ones arrive. no more fear of what ? simultaneously unfulfilled desire of uprising in the endless rotation, incapable of freeing oneself of oneself. animal, compulsive, naïve, ripping open the inner cage, a search of sth. behind.

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