Donnerstag, 22.05.


Attraktionen des Geländes (zu jeder Zeit und jeden tAg)
the unbelievable freak byke adventure! - the Cunt lab temple of Queerness and Lust!
Tehran Carnival Laboratory - Hair design and zombie make up!
Dr. K spricht über Hegel. - das berühmte Kuriositäten Kabinett
Orakel maschine - Wissenschaftlicher Diskurs über die Zukunft der Kulturpolitik
Kunst maschine - das Karussell - traditionelle Persische Bäckerei
*Polirama** das Traummobils. - The Global Sideshow - Shoot the freaks - und viele Life Akts!

Essen täglich um 18Uhr

18:30 - „The Greatest Show On Earth“ -

greatest show1greatest show2physical comedy floor show. With 100 Cuban acrobats, a pack of wild lions, the finest horses and the most beautiful women! (30min) [].
The Greatest Show on Earth is coming to your town! 100 Cuban acrobas, a pack of wild lions, the finest horses and the most beautiful women!
But wait, what's this? Only 2 performers? How can this be?
No worry, no worry, a few of our cast cannot be with us, but with a little help from the audience, we will make this the best show we have ever performed!

A 30 minute physical comedy floor show. One Ringmaster, one performer playing 5 different roles with costume changes to match! Collectif and then… is a young new circus company based in London. During their professional training at Circus Space (specialising in double rope) Francesca Hyde and Lucie N'Duhirahe decided to create a multidisciplinary circus-theatre collective. Integrating circus arts, scenography, choreography and a theatrical sense of narrative, Collectif and then.. have created a very exciting hybrid theatrical language. They started the collective out of a shared belief that there is a need for circus with substance - by this they mean a circus that raises questions about society. They use their minds, bodies, equipment and audiences to playfully explore. They aim to reach new audiences and work closely with the community. They provide no answers, no sweeping statements and no grand gestures, they do however aim to provide a platform for discussion, and encourage people to ask questions. Collectif and then... are funded by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Arts Council England and supported and produced by Roundhouse, The Circus Space and Jacksons Lane.


19:30 - Knuckle Up Cabaret –

wilder DIY Variété Abend
The big renegade DIY variete show








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